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About us


Kiiduacademy was created by Alfiah who had experiences dealing with care industry in Asia and also she was accelerated by UN Women care program.

"The Kiiduacademy idea was based on Kiidu's company experiences, while the company has been operating more than 6 years and dealing with nannies, tutors, maids, senior caregivers and drivers.

My idea was born. "Wouldn't it be easy for parents to have access to a database of qualified and trustworthy caregivers at their fingertips. To achieve that idea we should have qualified and good trainings for caregivers.

Kiidu academy is KIIDU daughter company which's registered in Thailand.

Finder Service Recruitment Co, ltd

Company ID 0105563107051

42 Tower, Room 2101, Soi Sukhumvit 42

Khlong Toey, bangkok 10110


Providing an online training for nannies, maids, caregivers so they can learn from anywhere and meet the family standards.

We empower job seekers to get better job opportunity!