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Kiiduacademy is established in 2022.

Kiiduacademy it is not only access to theoretical knowledge, but also an interactive service and platform encouraging clients to act in real terms and check the obtained information in practice. Learning and acquiring knowledge does not have to be boring and tiring. With properly selected tools, it is able to provide learners with entertainment, joy, a sense of satisfaction, motivation and positive energy. Words are of great importance, but they become even more powerful when you can translate them into action and enjoy long-term, practical, effective, and rewarding results. Join our community and be part of a great project that wants to help and spread knowledge. Both you and we can change the world for the better, and it's best to start with ourselves. The best way to achieve this is through knowledge and learning. Let's share it together and check what to expect from a Kiidu learning course!

The mission and vision of Kiiduacademy from the very beginning is to empower jobseekers to gain knowledges.

Kiidu academy is KIIDU daughter company which's registered in Thailand.

Finder Service Recruitment Co, ltd

Company ID 0105563107051

42 Tower, Room 2101, Soi Sukhumvit 42

Khlong Toey, bangkok 10110